We're proud to announce that intuo is now officially part of the Unit4 family.

Supercharge your talent enablement cycle, step by step

Digitise your cycle

Introduce your performance management cycle to the 21st century and support your performance management cycle with powerful software upgrades.

Optimise your touchpoints

Allow people to align with the organisation regularly and thoroughly, ranging from better objectives alignment to efficient performance conversation management.

Execute your strategy

Analyse, improve and empower people for exceptional results. Identify your high-performers, allocate their strengths and achieve strategic goals.

Intuo’s Talent Enablement Tools

Based on your needs and organisational change, we tailor a
unique mix of features combined with a personal growth path
your organisation can move towards.

360 feedback and recognition

Turn giving feedback and recognition into a habit. Create a culture where this becomes intuitive and use feedback to actively evaluate and improve the efforts of your teams.

Frequent engagement pulses and surveys

intuo offers an efficient approach in sending out customisable engagement pulses. Acknowledge your people’s needs and build towards a perfect work environment based on the input of your employees.

Agile and transparent objectives

We offer company, team and personal objectives (OKRs) to know where you and your organisation are headed. You can set and adjust goals based on key results. Every person is provided easy access to a clear structure of all relevant goals.

Learning Management & E-learning

Maintain and update knowledge in your organisation by using the course builder with integrated tools for both online and offline learning.

Guided and customisable check-in conversations

intuo provides a guided check-in process to facilitate one-on-ones. Easily schedule and prepare impactful one-on-one conversations and win a lot of time by using the built-in questions.

Dashboarding and advanced people analytics

intuo is building a way to deliver higher potential experiences. Our advanced behavioural analytics lets you visualise how your talent enablement is evolving, both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Consult the dedicated progress reports to understand the bigger picture and make informed data-based decisions for further organisational growth.

Why companies trust intuo

Intuo's flexibility is the main strength. It’s what we create your value with. Do you want to give feedback? Great! Not ready for e-learning, yet? No problem. We tailor everything to your needs to tackle your challenges and opportunities. Intuo is designed to fit every kind of organisation but feels as if it’s made just for you.

What will your
Performance Management
Cycle look like?